No Pants Weekend


Hey look! It's me in underwear. Honestly, I have a lot of feelings about everything going on here. So I hope you don't mind while I unpack them. If you're just here for the short version- this bralette and brief set is from Richer Poorer. I would live in them every day if I could. They're good. If you want more, read on dear friend.

First things first- Richer Poorer sent me these to review. When I first received the email asking if I’d like to review them- I thought it was a marketing email gone wrong. It was addressed to me but didn’t have any photos- clearly someone forgot to finish editing the template on MailChimp before hitting send. It never occurred to me that it was an email sent personally to me… until I actually read it carefully. That definitely says something… so glad I figured out what was going on because, as stated above, I’m in L.

Next lets dig into my “instagram vs reality” of me wearing this set.


Instagram: Saturday morning with no kiddos at home. At least one cup of coffee deep. Hair and makeup done. My sweet fiancé making me laugh and trying to balance above me on the bed without face planting. Oh, and some magical morning light.

Reality: My kids caught a stomach bug the day after these were delivered. Fast forward to me being in a towel and half way through blow drying my hair when I get a call from the school… I threw on a set under some sweats and ran out the door. Next kiddo got the bug within a few hours and honest to god I did not take them off most for more then a day. It was comfortable, cute, easy to move in, and very appropriate under my sweats for a school run to pick up. homework. The bralette and shorts were my happy place in a very unhappy place.

Lastly, my feelings on being a mom and being sexy.

underwear no foot.jpg

Truth time: I am scared af to post these pictures for multiple reasons.

One- because I feel like, as a mother, I shouldn’t be sexy. WHAT THE EFF IS THAT ABOUT. I don’t know how or where that garbage notion got drilled into my brain but it did and my brain fights me hard when I’m feeling sexy and am enjoying it.

Two- because as a woman, I’ve been sold the lie that me "feeling myself” is conceited and bad. AGAIN WHAT THE FUH. If I see you looking all cute and acknowledge that- its good. But if I do it for myself- bad. Why is my brain like this? Can we all just agree that we should be treating ourself at least as well as we would treat our friends, daughters, strangers on the street. It is ok to feel beautiful. It is ok to feel sexy. It is ok to like feeling that way. Let’s all say it together.

I’m feeling myself in these new unders. And that’s ok.

Gypset Collective


I met Samantha at a photoshoot a million years ago. Ok- maybe more like 3 years- but in adult friendship it feels like way longer. She had recently started designing jewelry. Find Your Fiber was just a dream for me. And we were both stepping outside our comfort zones.


Fast forward to today- Gypset is a thriving local business in Orlando operating out of a renovated Shasta and, most recently, an adorable studio in Ivanhoe Village. The jewelry's bohemian vibes and Sam's marketing prowess have thrust Gypset into the hearts of thousands. Plus, since all of the jewelry is made in shop, I tend to go off menu. I stopped in the studio last week and Lydia (one of her killer helpers) whipped me up a custom beaded bracelet (pictured below) AND adjusted the length of a necklace I purchased because apparently I can't ever just let something be. All in all- Sam knows what she is doing.


And, an added bonus for me, Sam is a pretty great person. Not only does she run Gypset and manage the help of a small team, she's also momma to an adorable toddler, wife to a fellow entrepreneur, Jared, and still manages to make time for happy hours and pedicures with me. If you haven't checked Gypset out yet- what are you waiting for. Check their instagram for pop up dates, studio hours, and exclusive sales. And tell them I said hi- because they are my favorites.


Weekend Wants V.1

office wants.jpg

Confession: Since leaving my full time job I've realized how much I miss having an actual desk that doesn't also double as a  dinner table or homework space. My cozy bungalow doesn't currently have space for a home office BUT when I do get that office these are a few of the things on my wish list. 

In no particular order...

Cute Paper Clips because obviously. I imagine that I will put them in a cute dish or container where they will live forever because I will have deemed them too cute to use.

Shelf Organizer Thing because its gorgeous and because I can fit more knick-knacks on my desk which is really half of the fun. Notebook because making notes should be cute. And I love all things bando.

Ember Temperature Control Mug because I can NEVER finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold. I wish I could just pin this on "being a mom" but even when my kids aren't around I have to warm up at least once. So this is basically a life necessity.

Pink Desk Pad to add a little color to my imaginary desk.

Lamp because, even though I know better, I tend to stay up later then I should to work on stuff. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

And when the day comes that I finally get that home office- you'll be the first to know.


Making Mom Friends


Just a picture of a couple moms celebrating the fact that we pulled off a pretty epic unicorn party. And It means so much more to me then I could possibly express. But I'll try anyway 

Over the weekend my littlest celebrated her upcoming birthday with two of her besties. I'm thankful that I can also call these ladies (the mother's of said besties) my friends. We planned for weeks, sent at least 60 texts a day, schemed behind our kids backs, went WAY overboard, took turns losing it, and stayed up way too late coming up with 40 different unicorn names. It was insane and completely amazing. 

But lets go back to Summer 2015. My girls and I moved from the 'burbs to Orlando. I was in the process of getting a divorce, worked full time, and was trying to acclimate my kids to a new community. For the first two years at our new school the girls were picked up by grandma or a babysitter while I was at work. At school events I couldn't help but notice the families that were friends. They would sit together. They would talk and laugh. Their kids ran around together. And I wallowed in self pity that we didn't have that in our lives. (Pity party- table for 1)

Now rewind to this time last year- I quit my full time job to become self employed and, for the first time in a long time, I picked up my kids from school. I promised myself that I was going to make friends- not only for my kids but for me. Because being a parent is hard. Being a single parents is very hard. And being a single parent with few to no friends that are also parents sucks. 

It was uncomfortable and intimidating. At times I felt very out of place. Some days I just wanted to grab my kids and run home but I was so tired of feeling alone. Slowly but surely I started learning names (and they learned mine!). We invited friends to our shoebox duplex for playdates. We got involved. And now- late night unicorn naming sessions. 

If you ever feel alone or out of place or uninvolved I want to encourage you to change that. Work for it. Talk about the weather. Look for a compliment to give. Grumble about bad traffic. Just show up and talk. Then do it again. And again after that. I promise you it will get better. 

I've reread/reworked the above about 15 times now and keep going back to that first paragraph. Doesn't come close. I'm so thankful.

Scroll down for more party pics if youre into that kind of thing.


Undercut FAQ


If I could go back to 16 year old me and give her once piece of advice it would be this- shave your head, girl- well at least part of it. Okay... maybe I'd have more sage advice to give but I'm serious when I say an undercut changed my hair life. 

I have had exceptionally thick hair all of my life. When I was a kid I often sported a triangular 'do because it was before the days of hair straighteners and anti-humidity spray. Then I had really short hair for a while because I couldn't take the upkeep. Not to mention it was heavy af and hot. Sometime in my late 20s I took the plunge on a tiny little undercut and both the undercut and my obsession have continued to grow.


Fast forward to today and the buzz now goes from ear to ear and I can't image life without it Now- onto the good stuff. I get all kinds of questions about my undercut so I wanted to answer them from my perspective.  So if you're wondering "What in the world is she thinking with that haircut?!" or "Do I need an undercut"

- Hot & Heavy: An undercut will immediately do two things- it will lighten your hair load and it will chill you out. If you suffer from ponytail headaches this maybe for you.
- But, why?: I got an undercut because of the above reasons. I also think they look cool. 
- DIY BUZZ: I've cut my own but I prefer to go to the salon. My local spot charges me for a bang trim and it's usually around $5. Whether at home or the salon I cut it as short as possible because I want to have as much time a possible between cuts. 
- Spotlight: "Do people notice it?" To be honest, not usually. I can wear a pony tail, braids, whatever and people usually don't even see it's there until I point it out. 
- Grown: "What happens when you want to grow it out?" Good questions. It's been about 3 years since the initial buzz and I have no plans to go back. But I'll let you know if and when the time comes. 

The moral of the story is that I'm way into it and I'm convinced that anyone/everyone with thick hair should get on this bandwagon. Have any other questions? Drop them in the comments!

Knit Bralette

Knit Bralette

Hey- remember when I used to knit all the time? You may not know this but when Find Your Fiber started my focus was in knitting- not macrame. You see, knitting and I have a long history. It started when I was in college and had moved to New York City. I didn't know anyone but this girl who was the epitome of cool to my 18 year old self was doing a knitting class in her dorm. Obviously I went...

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Shake Shack Winter Park

Shake Shack Winter Park

My kids are terrible eaters. And save the "they'll eat it if they're hungry enough" bologna- it's simply not true. Not with mine anyway- they will refuse to eat and then become hangry little monsters that follow me around and complain. At some point I stopped taking them out to eat as a result. BUT! I'm determined to expand their tiny little pallets so we are venturing out again. And I'm sharing because I secretly hope I'm not the only one who has been held hostage by chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.

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