Nineties Vibes


Ok- let's talk the 90's. Many of us lived through that gloriously tacky decade and now it's making a full come back. Love it or hate it- it is happening. It started with tying a shirt around your waist, right? Then came the chokers, calvins, and mom jeans.

I'll admit that at first I was hesitant. I remember being a teenager and sitting in my friend's kitchen with her mom. We were giving her a hard time for wearing high waisted jeans. Low rise was in at the time. You know the ones- so low that you had to make sure you were properly groomed before putting them on. Anyway- she said something to us that stuck with me to this day.

She said, "One day you will grow up, have babies, and understand." She was so freaking right. Low rise jeans are the natural enemy of the mom bod. And once I discovered the unadulterated joy that is the mom jean I started to wonder what else I needed to allow back into my life. 


All this to say that when I came across this Calvin Klein shirt at PacSun I was all in. Add an oversize button up and some comfy pants and I'm a happy camper. Now somebody just get me a hypercolor shirt and I'll be all in.