Epcot Festival of the Arts Workshop

Welp. This happened. I was invited to teach a macrame workshop at Epcot's inaugural Festival of the Arts. 

First of all, just the fact that someone at Epcot found my little website and said yeah- let's email her blows my mind. BLOWN. The process of preparing for the workshop was super stressful. Prep for 40-50 they said. Thats WAY bigger then my normal workshop size so I had some work to do. I calculated about how much rope would be needed, drafted up some booklets, and enlisted to wonder ladies to be my helpers. We ended up ordering SIX THOUSAND feed of rope. S.I.X.T.H.O.U.S.A.N.D. And that rope needed to be cute into individual lengths and packaged for each attendee. I spend days preparing: measuring, taping, cutting, repeat. Then the day before the workshop I realize that several packets of rope (about half) were not cut at the correct length. Insert panic here. Thanks to the help of my guy and the encouragement of my littles we got it done. 

The morning of the workshop was chaos. My girls had the day off of school so my sister came with us to take them to play in the park while I taught. We got backstage and found my helpers and went out separate ways. That's when I found out the new...

There were 15 people signed up. FIFTEEN. After the initial shock wore off (and feeling of being a total failure) I found my silver lining. I had prepared to teach a simplified version of my usual work class to ensure myself enough time to help each person individually but with only 15- I could teach the full workshop. And I did.

The class was a huge success. There were guests from Orlando who heard about the event through me (what) and others from all over the country: California, Michigan, New York State. I even had my first guy attendee. Everyone completed the project without any major problems and everyone left with a smile on their face and a brand new, hand made, piece of art. 

Not going to lie- I wasn't sure I was going to share the details of this workshop. It was hella stressful and I almost lost my mind (fifteen!?!). But that's life, right? Things aren't always what you expect but when we learn to roll with the punches then one might even get to say they did a workshop at Disney.