Have you every had someone randomly make your day? Had you coffee paid for in the drive through? Received a timely compliment? Those things are kinda awesome, right? Well, this week two things are happening that are going to either make your day or help you make someone else's. One- Random Acts of Kindness Day is on Friday and The Rising Tide Society is on a mission to makes waves of kindness. Two- One Social Girl is doing her annual heart bomb on Valentine's Day. Now I'm not the kind of person who just jumps on board any of these random days that seem to crop up every week but this one is something I can get behind. Making shit and sharing love? I'm in.

Want to get involved?

- Find our more on the Rising Tide Instagram or Meredith's Instagram
- Get an awesome free pattern for knit hearts from Julie & The Knits
- See below for a list of compliments to get you in the spirit
- Check out the hashtag #wavesofkindness to see what other are doing to share the love

Now get out there and spread the love!