Coffee Date

Real talk- working from home can get lonely! Like, really lonely. And loneliness doesn't work for me.

Just over three years ago I transitioned from a stay-at-home-mom to a working mom, and while parts of me were sad to kiss those days good bye, the camaraderie that came from office life was amazing. I made some of my best friends during those days- and totally wouldn't have met my guy if it weren't for those friendships. So I knew what I was getting into when I took the leap into full time creative hustling. I remembered the long days of solitude that comes with being a SAHM (believe it or not- babies and toddlers don't have the quickest wit or even the desire to chat about important social topics). It was the one thing that really caused me to pause and think about what I was getting into. 


Now, I can't say that I've been killing it at keeping social. But I'm trying. I'm working to be a little more intentional with my time and a little more careful with myself. So coffee shops. And lot's of coffee dates. Doing life with others is so important. If you struggle with the same thing I want to encourage you to put yourself out there. Invite someone to hang out! And if you need someone- hit a girl up. I'm up fora virtual coffee date anytime.  

You in?

Photography: Sydney Marie Photography

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Franc

Jeans: Gap

Hankerchief: Secret Society Goods

Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff (last season)

Backpack: Baggu