Wear Franc


Franc is a friend of mine. Well, Franc founder Brandy is anyway. Brandy and I have been instapals for a hot minute. I'm talking about before algorithms and hashtags. I'm not sure how we became friends- probably followed the same blogs or something but we remained pals through the years. 

Then a few months back Brandy began posting about a project she was working on, a line of no-so-basic basics, which was kind of a no brainer for me. You know I love a good tee. 

Well, it turns out that these basics go way above and beyond. I originally bought the white box tee and grey sweatshirt (bc duh) then Brandy sent me both in black plus a black/white tank. I've already worn the white tee more then is appropriate and you can bet on finding one of the sweatshirts balled up in my work bag at all times. 

So there you have it. New fave tee and go-to sweatshirts from a girl boss owned and operated company- who happens to also be an amazing mom of two littles and great friend. Thanks Brandy for letting me brag on you.