Knit Bralette

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Knit Bralette Kit | Wool and The Gang
Tank | Target
Pants | Gap
Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell

Hey- remember when I used to knit all the time? You may not know this but when Find Your Fiber started my focus was in knitting- not macrame. You see, knitting and I have a long history. 

It started when I was in college and had moved to New York City. I didn't know anyone but this girl who was the epitome of cool to my 18 year old self was doing a knitting class in her dorm. Obviously I went. Well, it turns out she didn't really know how to knit either and we were all learning together. We took the train to a local yarn shop, bought our supplies, and started on the fiber arts journey together. I made my first scarf in that dorm... but no one knew how to "cast off" (the knitting way to end a project) so we all just decreased stitches until our scarves ended in a point. And that is all I knew how to knit for over a year.

Fast forward almost 15 years and I made this bralette. I still love to knit. Knitting is how I found macrame and it is one of the reasons I found my way back to creative life after my dark period (more on that later). Funny how some things just stick with you through the years. I'll be forever thankful for that cool girl in NYC and all my pointy scarves.