Three Things: IWD 2018

Today is International Women's Day and if you know me- you know I love women. I am blessed to live in a city filled to the brim with strong and successful women who band together and lift each other up. (See Lemonhearted's latest post for a list of some Orlando Women) 

If you're a women or a supporter of women but don't have that community you long for here are three things you can do to change that.

1. Treat Yo Self
This may seem counter intuitive but stick with me. If you are unhappy with your life and looking outside for something to make it better you will be looking forever. Better yourself. Find what makes you happy. Love yourself. Then, when you go out into the world to find your community, you have something to offer- your best self.

2. Get Out!
New Flash: the only people you will meet if you stay home is your dog. Or your family. AND DONT GET ME WRONG- those are worth while people (and pets) but you have to actually go out. Go to art festivals, local eateries, small boutiques and TALK TO PEOPLE. We are all awkward and uncomfortable. And the good ones will be kind and welcoming and that is how you start to build your girl gang.

3. Be Cool. 
Be supportive. Be encouraging. Throw kindness around like confetti. All that shit. And you will get it back too. This one seems the simplest but it can be really difficult. Don't gossip or tear people down. Be the kind of women you want to surround yourself with. Work hard at this.

There are so many other ways to connect but this is a good start. And it's what help me personally. Now get out there and support your local women!