Making Mom Friends


Just a picture of a couple moms celebrating the fact that we pulled off a pretty epic unicorn party. And It means so much more to me then I could possibly express. But I'll try anyway 

Over the weekend my littlest celebrated her upcoming birthday with two of her besties. I'm thankful that I can also call these ladies (the mother's of said besties) my friends. We planned for weeks, sent at least 60 texts a day, schemed behind our kids backs, went WAY overboard, took turns losing it, and stayed up way too late coming up with 40 different unicorn names. It was insane and completely amazing. 

But lets go back to Summer 2015. My girls and I moved from the 'burbs to Orlando. I was in the process of getting a divorce, worked full time, and was trying to acclimate my kids to a new community. For the first two years at our new school the girls were picked up by grandma or a babysitter while I was at work. At school events I couldn't help but notice the families that were friends. They would sit together. They would talk and laugh. Their kids ran around together. And I wallowed in self pity that we didn't have that in our lives. (Pity party- table for 1)

Now rewind to this time last year- I quit my full time job to become self employed and, for the first time in a long time, I picked up my kids from school. I promised myself that I was going to make friends- not only for my kids but for me. Because being a parent is hard. Being a single parents is very hard. And being a single parent with few to no friends that are also parents sucks. 

It was uncomfortable and intimidating. At times I felt very out of place. Some days I just wanted to grab my kids and run home but I was so tired of feeling alone. Slowly but surely I started learning names (and they learned mine!). We invited friends to our shoebox duplex for playdates. We got involved. And now- late night unicorn naming sessions. 

If you ever feel alone or out of place or uninvolved I want to encourage you to change that. Work for it. Talk about the weather. Look for a compliment to give. Grumble about bad traffic. Just show up and talk. Then do it again. And again after that. I promise you it will get better. 

I've reread/reworked the above about 15 times now and keep going back to that first paragraph. Doesn't come close. I'm so thankful.

Scroll down for more party pics if youre into that kind of thing.