Gypset Collective


I met Samantha at a photoshoot a million years ago. Ok- maybe more like 3 years- but in adult friendship it feels like way longer. She had recently started designing jewelry. Find Your Fiber was just a dream for me. And we were both stepping outside our comfort zones.


Fast forward to today- Gypset is a thriving local business in Orlando operating out of a renovated Shasta and, most recently, an adorable studio in Ivanhoe Village. The jewelry's bohemian vibes and Sam's marketing prowess have thrust Gypset into the hearts of thousands. Plus, since all of the jewelry is made in shop, I tend to go off menu. I stopped in the studio last week and Lydia (one of her killer helpers) whipped me up a custom beaded bracelet (pictured below) AND adjusted the length of a necklace I purchased because apparently I can't ever just let something be. All in all- Sam knows what she is doing.


And, an added bonus for me, Sam is a pretty great person. Not only does she run Gypset and manage the help of a small team, she's also momma to an adorable toddler, wife to a fellow entrepreneur, Jared, and still manages to make time for happy hours and pedicures with me. If you haven't checked Gypset out yet- what are you waiting for. Check their instagram for pop up dates, studio hours, and exclusive sales. And tell them I said hi- because they are my favorites.