No Pants Weekend


Hey look! It's me in underwear. Honestly, I have a lot of feelings about everything going on here. So I hope you don't mind while I unpack them. If you're just here for the short version- this bralette and brief set is from Richer Poorer. I would live in them every day if I could. They're good. If you want more, read on dear friend.

First things first- Richer Poorer sent me these to review. When I first received the email asking if I’d like to review them- I thought it was a marketing email gone wrong. It was addressed to me but didn’t have any photos- clearly someone forgot to finish editing the template on MailChimp before hitting send. It never occurred to me that it was an email sent personally to me… until I actually read it carefully. That definitely says something… so glad I figured out what was going on because, as stated above, I’m in L.

Next lets dig into my “instagram vs reality” of me wearing this set.


Instagram: Saturday morning with no kiddos at home. At least one cup of coffee deep. Hair and makeup done. My sweet fiancé making me laugh and trying to balance above me on the bed without face planting. Oh, and some magical morning light.

Reality: My kids caught a stomach bug the day after these were delivered. Fast forward to me being in a towel and half way through blow drying my hair when I get a call from the school… I threw on a set under some sweats and ran out the door. Next kiddo got the bug within a few hours and honest to god I did not take them off most for more then a day. It was comfortable, cute, easy to move in, and very appropriate under my sweats for a school run to pick up. homework. The bralette and shorts were my happy place in a very unhappy place.

Lastly, my feelings on being a mom and being sexy.

underwear no foot.jpg

Truth time: I am scared af to post these pictures for multiple reasons.

One- because I feel like, as a mother, I shouldn’t be sexy. WHAT THE EFF IS THAT ABOUT. I don’t know how or where that garbage notion got drilled into my brain but it did and my brain fights me hard when I’m feeling sexy and am enjoying it.

Two- because as a woman, I’ve been sold the lie that me "feeling myself” is conceited and bad. AGAIN WHAT THE FUH. If I see you looking all cute and acknowledge that- its good. But if I do it for myself- bad. Why is my brain like this? Can we all just agree that we should be treating ourself at least as well as we would treat our friends, daughters, strangers on the street. It is ok to feel beautiful. It is ok to feel sexy. It is ok to like feeling that way. Let’s all say it together.

I’m feeling myself in these new unders. And that’s ok.

Knit Bralette

Knit Bralette

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