Photography by  Sydney Marie Photography

Hey, I'm Sara.

Most mornings you can find me on my back porch- coffee in one hand and my list for the day in the other. I'm what people call a "busy body".  My tendency to fidget led me to fiber arts. And 13 years later- here I am. Most people know me as a macrame slayer but I also have a knack for knitting, hair braids, laughing at my own jokes, and being bossy.

I have a fierce love for Orlando which is where I was born and currently live. I'm mama to two beautiful girls who are my sun and my moon and who are thoroughly unimpressed with me making things. I also have an amazing partner who lifts me up every day. He loves me and my girls more then I could ever ask for.

One of my proudest moments as a fiber artist was at the beginning of 2017 when someone from Disney found me online and asked me to teach my workshop at Epcot's inaugural Festival of the Arts. Talk about bonkers. 

When I'm not slinging rope I'm digging into creative business. I love learning about what makes a brand successful and I'm passionate about empowering creative women to go after their dreams. Whether its fleshing out brand development, coming up with social media strategy, or automating workflow- I love talking shop.

Still want more? 3 random facts about me!

1. I'm super competitive. A few years back I decided that playing competitive sports with friends for fun probably wasn't in my (or my friends) best interest.
2. My grandpa was a sailor with several traditional style tattoos- so being tattooed is basically in my blood. I may also have a sailor's mouth. 
3. I have terrible depth perception. I have, on more then one occasion, touched something I shouldn't have because I didn't realize how close it was.

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