Finding Your Focus


Finding Your Focus


Are you a maker, creator, or someone with creative aspirations? Then grab a seat, friend. We are in this together!

Date: Thursday September 13th
When: 6:30pm-9pm
Where: Winter Park

The FYF Creative Series is a place to meet with other creatives, share our triumphs and our trials, and learn from one another. Enjoy some light bites and drinks before sitting together to dig into creative life. Creative life is better together!

In the Finding Your Focus workshop we will be talking about spectrum. Are you reaching too wide or not wide enough? Are you ready to dive into the creative hustle but don’t even know where to start! Let’s talk about it! In this session we will be tackling where to start, how to focus when your spread to thin, and how to push outside of your comfort zone.

Seats are limited so grab yours before they’re gone!

Want more? Let’s be friends. Follow along the fun at @findyourfiber

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